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Turn and face the change...

One thing a wedding is all about and we kinda tend to dread is CHANGE! You may choose to change your name, you sometimes change where you live, what you look like (hair, nails, injections) you change your guest list and seating chart, ect. As I find it in most cases, humans don't love change. It gets stressful and overwhelming and we can either shut down or get distracted.

Im here to remind you that it doesn't have to be that bad. Luckily there are apps that make things easier, like hitch switch! But if you tend to do the latter of the before mentioned mental breakdown and find that distraction is key, then let me help guide you to some things you can change that are actually FUN!

One of my favorite things I did on my own wedding day was change my hair and makeup from day to night. I obviously did my own but you can hire someone like myself to quickly do it for you! I think a hair change can be the most fun thing you can do and it really eliminates some nerves about your look from the get go. There is always an internal debate that I witness (from the outside in) at a trial. For example, I will have a bride that feels most comfortable with her hair down but the dress she bought has a neckline that really calls for an updo. It bummed me out so badly to see these ladies squirming in their skin trying to figure out how to feel comfortable so I finally had the most obvious idea. DO BOTH!

Girl, get that pretty updo, wear the veil for your mom, watch your dad cry then LET THAT HAIR DOWN and party!!! You get the best of both worlds, get both looks in your pictures and it can be done fast and easy. You can do it the reverse way too, and even with your makeup. Smoke your eyes out for that reception, or pop on that red lip after you've taken all those smooching pictures. Embrace the change you guys!

Bridesmaids may even want to join in on the change too, get creative with it!

"When will that fit into my timeline, will it cost a billion dollars, but I feel bad." Don't! It makes me so happy when someone takes me up on "the switch." For me, the beauty service should only take about 15-20 minutes to complete. I believe the best time to change things up are after pictures, right before cocktail hour. This also gives you a minute to recoup after family pictures and get ready for mingling. For one bride, I gave my number to one of the bridesmaids to text me right beforehand so that I was there and able to make it transition smoothly.

As far as pricing you could talk about it at your trial and work out logistics before the big day. If you are working with a local stylist they may be able to work with you easier than someone who has travelled but either way communication is key and just have fun with it!

I hope this inspired some of you to go with the flow, roll with the punches, don't stress and embrace the change!